Gray Research Solutions

Mixed Methodology

Quantitative Methods

Our studies nearly all start or end with a survey of target customers.  The way we go about it depends on the resources available to your organization.  Lead lists and social media are great inexpensive ways to engage target audiences, or we can find respondents using the old tried-and-true panelist approach.  Quantitative Methods like surveys provide breadth of understanding, and e-surveys are a great way to go if you are working on a shoestring budget.

Qualitative Methods

In addition to a survey, the most powerful and insightful studies that we do also have a qualitative or “conversational” component, where we dive deeper into what drives consumers, and why they do what they do or feel the way they feel.  This could include online or in person focus groups or interviews, visitor intercepts, or ethnography/shadowing, depending on budgetary limitations.  Online focus groups and interviews using video chat technologies are a great new cost-effective way to engage customers or visitors face to face while saving money on travel. Qualitative Methods like focus groups and interviews provide depth of understanding and explain WHY people do what they do.

Mixed Methodology Approach

Together, these different types of methods complement each other and provide a context and richness of data on your customers or visitors that will probably surprise you and inspire you to new heights.  A study with at least one of each of the above methods is referred to as a Mixed Methodology, which we love!   Yes, we are geeks.