This Service is for Marketing/advertising/design firms, businesses, hotels, restaurants, shops, producers, providers… those who are targeting CONSUMERS of a product or service. Our research is about helping you refine your marketing strategies by understanding your clients, visitors or customers as people.  What perceptions do they operate under?  What drives them?  What would change their behavior? We believe the best projects use a mixed method approach.  But the methods we use for collecting data differ for those representing a visitor destination (DMO) vs. a product or service company.


Studies & Research:

Perception and Brand Positioning StudyPerception is reality in consumer decision-making. What do your customers think of you? A good brand is rooted in current perceptions and stretches toward the aspirational. What is your unique point of difference in the marketplace? A study of the perceptions of your loyal customers, potential customers, and recently departed customers will help define what your company or organization is known for.
Target Guest Profile and Segmentation Study (Lodging/Hotel Properties)Why do your guests choose to stay at your property? We all travel for different reasons, but once our destination is settled, what makes us choose one place to stay over another? Some of your guests will choose your brand over all others whenever they have a choice. Some are looking for a type of experience that they believe you represent. Still others choose you solely based on value—the lowest cost room that fits their minimum standards (coupons, deals and packages help facilitate value-based choices). This survey based study describes your different types of guests, their corresponding decision making behaviors, how to reach more of them, and the relative value of each segment.
Marketing Effectiveness StudyThis study investigates which marketing efforts are most effective in drawing visitors, customers, and/or guests. Results are great for creating and refining marketing plans and planning media buys, and can be tracked over time. Respondents come from a variety of sources and provide input on the performance efficacy and conversion rates of various marketing mediums including social media, print ads, billboard ads, radio ads, TV commercials, and more.
Database AnalysisCustomer information is more valuable than ever these days. Have lots of data but aren’t sure what to do with it? Insights on your customers can be developed simply by systematically analyzing what you already know. Examples include identifying where the majority of your targets come from using a zip code analysis, prioritizing customers based on the value they provide to your agency, and even appending email addresses with demographic data. Let us take a look; you may be sitting on a gold mine of information!
Custom ResearchSometimes marketers face a particular challenge-- customer erosion, generational changes, increased competition, the need to increase visitation or patronage from a particular type of customer/guest, etc. In these cases we recommend a custom research design which is specially tailored to meet your company's goals. And don't equate "custom" with "expensive" --we don't charge anything to help you decide the best way to move forward. If you don't know what you need, just call us!!

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